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Events Support and Advice

The Tawa Residents Association can provide you with a range of support and advice to help you run events in Tawa.  We run events ourselves including Spring into Tawa and the Christmas Festival.

Events are an important aspect of a strong and connected community – they given locals the opportunity to meet, connect, engage and build relationships.  We have so many great events regularly in Tawa (see the Calendar of Events) and we’d love to see more!

We can help promote your event – on this website and on our Facebook page.  Send details of your event to (including a poster if available!).

Some other ways we can help you with your event:

  • Insurance – we have annual public liability insurance. If you would like your event covered under this policy, we will work with you on some “must haves’” so your event is covered
  • Event Kit – we have a range of event equipment, including parking signs, walkie talkies and can help you access other locally owned equipment (including road cones, water dispensers, hi-vis vests etc)
  • Connecting with service organisations and volunteers – we can help you get in contact with local service organisations (e.g. Rotary, Lions, Inner Wheel) and other organisations to help you gather a volunteer workforce for your event
  • Advice and connections – from running events, we’ve built up a range of connections with businesses in Tawa, the Wellington City Council and with other organisations and groups you might need to engage. We can give you some advice on what you need to do for example around health and safety, and we can advise you on different channels for funding, design and advertising

Get in touch with us if you’re organising an event ad would like some help.  Email or contact us through the Vibrant Tawa Facebook page.

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