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The Tawa Logo

The Tawa Logo has been developed as a modern and vibrant brand for Tawa.  It is available for local groups and organisations to use in their advertising material, subject to agreement from the Tawa Residents Association that the use is appropriate.

The brand benefits are to enhance and build our community – our logo builds loyalty and recognition.  It sets a foundation for our whole community as forward thinking, positive and supportive.

The logo promotes Tawa as a destination with incredible schools, talented residents, exciting events and businesses, a wealth of parks, walkways and hills, connected neighbourhoods and transport options, and a strong sense of community.  It reinforces Tawa as a destination for locals and visitors.

Explaining the design

The design shows linkages and connections, diversity, different parts of the community coming together.  It shows the strong and creative nature of Tawa.

It reflects the different people, families, groups, schools, cultures, religions, interests, organisations and businesses of Tawa.The shape can reflect so many things including the hills around our valley, the sunrise, the different parts of Tawa.  It’s simple, vibrant and will quickly become recognisable.  It can be used in artwork, signage and sculpture around Tawa.

The style includes the Tawa colours of red, yellow and blue and the font connects to the “Tawa” flowerbed at the south end of our suburb – a strong connection to our history.

How it was developed

In 2016, a group of six people came together to develop the new logo.  Two representatives from each of the following groups – Tawa Residents’ Association, Tawa Business Group and the Tawa Community Board – developed the brief and direction for the logo.

Our aim was to come up with a brand for Tawa that is bright, dynamic and creative, and conveys a strong sense of Tawa as a unique, vibrant and inclusive community.

We reached out to locals via Facebook and Neighbourly for what people thought of when they thought of Tawa.

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Three local designers were engaged to come up with concepts that met the brief.  One designer was shortlisted and worked further with the group to finalise the logo.  The logo design work was done by talented local designer Dieter Fourie of Digital Tree Design [link].

How to use it

We have developed a set of guidelines for using the logo.  These guidelines have been developed to protect the integrity of the design.

If you would like to use the logo, please contact us at  Once it has been agreed that the logo will be used, you will be asked to comply with the guidelines and will be given access to the relevant design files.

The Logo in use

The logo is already in use.  Examples include:

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Tawa Newsletter Header

Street Flags


Christmas Festival Programme

Window Stickers

Ideas for the logo

We’re working on a range of ideas to further use the logo including:

Event collateral




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