Agenda for meeting 8 November 2021

Greetings everyone, are you wrestling with the reality that Christmas is just round the corner? Unless we have an emergency to deal with, this will be our last meeting for this year.

We’ve got Mandy from the Community Centre at 7.30pm along with Catherine from the Library – a chance to hear how those two important cogs in Tawa are getting on. Otherwise here’s the agenda for 7.30pm at the Squash Club:

  1. Welcome
  2. Health & Safety housekeeping
  3. Apologies
  4. Future direction
    1. Mandy and Catherine
    2. Farewell to Malcolm (Tony)
    3. Community Safety Hui (Richard)
    4. Spring into Tawa (Peter)
    5. Christmas parade (Anna)
    6. Community gardens (Robyn)
    7. Sustainability project (Robyn)
    8. Potted Colour (Richard)
    9. Community Board (Robyn)
    10. Tawa Communities liaison (Tony)
    11. Business Group/Community Board (Tony)
    12. Linden (Jill)
    13. Wall Park Funding (Tony/Jill)
    14. Plaza project (Tony)
    15. Updates from Councillors (Jill)
    16. Website (Jackson)
    17. Social Media (Monique/Tony)
    18. TRA Newsletter (Jackson)
    19. AED Locations in Tawa (Tony)
    20. Wi-Fi in plaza area (Tony)
    21. Jigsaw library (Tony)
  5. Financial
    1. Financial report (Peter)
    2. Grant applications (Peter – verbal)
    3. Membership and Levies (Peter)
  6. Minutes of meetings 13 September 2021
  7. Next meeting Monday 14 February 2022, Squash Club

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